hannah asks three questions:

What great stuff is happening in the North now? Who is doing it? How can more of it happen?

The festival highlights new activities in any field, including art, music, new businesses, new kinds of social organisation and new scientific inventions.

To discover events for the festival, we've drawn on the expertise and enthusiasm of people living and working in Leeds. They have organised all the fantastic things happening, making connections with other places in the North and internationally.

The festival is a celebration of great stuff going on now, and it's also a space for connecting and sharing so that more of it can happen.

The festival is named after, and inspired by, Hannah Mitchell, a suffragette and rebel.

We hope that next year's hannah will be in Newcastle.

If you have any questions or ideas about hannah festival, or you would like to be involved next year, please do get in touch.

Andrew Wilson June 2013