Hannabiell Sanders And Yilis Del Carmen Suriel, Creative Visions Rhythms

The Afro-Latin percussion & brass duet,Ladies of Midnight Blue: Hannabiell & Yilis, established Creative Visions & Rhythms (CV&R) in 2013. CV&R is an organization devoted to bringing imaginative artists and their visionary talents to populations that otherwise would not have access to them. Our mission is accomplished by enabling connections between people, communities and artists through our programming, which provides cultural enrichment and present a wide range of arts.

Hannabiell and Yilis headline and host a showcase of talented and upcoming artists at the Live Theatre in Newcastle Upon Tyne on June 7th, 8pm and introduce the Hannah directory at the event. This event is part of an ongoing series and partnership with Jumping Hot Club.

Photo by Richard Kenworthy.