In Certain Places

In Certain Places is a programme of artworks, architectural interventions and collective conversations, run by Elaine Speight and Professor Charles Quick in the School of Art, Design and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire.

As part of a project funded by UCLan Contemporary Arts Development Group and the Community Media Association, we are working with artists Steph Fletcher, Field Broadcast (Rob Smith and Rebecca Birch) and Manual Labours (Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards) to develop a series of online broadcasts, which will explore the role and effects of wage labour on our lives today through animation and performance.

During the festival, the broadcasts will arrive unannounced on the computer desktops of people who sign up to the project at CLOCKING.

In Certain Places will introduce the directory at ‘CLOCKING OUT’ - a lunch-hour public event in the In Certain Places project space at the University of Central Lancashire, 38 St Peters Street, Preston.