Victoria Bradbury

Victoria Bradbury is a visual artist based in Newcastle whose work weaves participation, code, body and object. In her studio, she oscillates among her favourites: programming, physical computing and making handmade (often soft!) objects.

Electronic Ginseng are sculptural fabric ginseng with embroidered leaves, stems, and roots. For the Hannah launch, the ginseng have been networked to run through a browser. Using Lilypad Arduino controlled LED berries and flex sensors in the leaves, the ginseng can be controlled via a website from anywhere in the world.

Medicinal ginseng challenges an east toward west model of trade. The wild plant can be elusive and is thought to evade discovery and harvest. In Chinese medicine, American Ginseng has a calming effect to balance its Yang cousin, Asian ginseng. American ginseng is sold for large sums in China and a complex cultivation and trade industry exists around the demand, while in Appalachia, it has served as sole or supplemental income for generations of families. Electronic Ginseng explores this plant’s tricky biological, mythologoical, and economic roots.