Weakie Discs / Rust / Misko

"Weakie discs" was founded in December 2012 in Krakow, and from the beginning it was focused on interesting, but unknown artists. founder, rzo the singer for a long time wanted to publish a mixtape with artists from all over the world. did it in July 2013 and since that time it was easier with the discovery of interesting artists. shortly after compilation, Misko Czerkas (artist living in England) found himself among weakie discs artists, and released Floppy Disk with song "FIRE". at the moment in Weakie discs catalogue are 16 releases made by rzo only with his both hands in his bedroom."

Weakie discs celebrate this year's Hannah directory with a triple A side release featuring Rzo in Krakow, Rust Band in Istanbul and The Itinerants in Huddersfield.