Welcome To Hannah Directory 2014

Hello and welcome to Hannah directory 2014!

The directory asks three questions:

What great stuff is happening in places in England's north now? Who is doing it? How can more of it happen?

It highlights people and organisations active in the arts, music, new businesses, new kinds of social organisation, scientific discovery and anything else.

Directories are productive resources, and the Hannah 2014 directory is a space for connecting and sharing so that even more great stuff can happen. It celebrates the possibility of cooperation between people and places in England's north, and beyond, for our common good.

All of the contributors have included a contact email, and if you like what they are doing, or you are doing something similar, why not get in touch?

Hannah directory began last year as a small festival with 25 events. This year's directory is almost 50 pages, limited only by the time needed to put it together and the cost of printing.

Next year it will feature even more people and organisations doing great stuff in places in England's north. Including you?

Andrew Wilson, May 2014

I would like to thank Lalya Gaye of Attaya Projects, Gill Park of Pavilion and Simon Canaway of Supanaught, the directory designer, for the parts they've played in shaping the structure of the directory, and the contributors for doing such great stuff in places in England's north.