Welcome To Hannah Directory 2015

Hannah Directory is a yearly print publication, website and launch week of events celebrating the great stuff that people are doing in places in England's north, and asking how even more of it can happen.

Hannah Directory finds great stuff happening in music, business, the arts, new kinds of social organisation, scientific discovery and anything else.

This is the third edition and between this year and last, the Scottish independence referendum and the general election happened.

Regardless of the issues or the results, it was the referendum that brought the whole of Scotland alive.

People there are filled with energy, hope and commitment because more and more of the choices that affect them are made where they live and work. They can see how their contribution in any field, from schools to science to business, can help make even better places to be, for themselves and each other.

Hannah Directory celebrates the same spirit in places in the north of England. It's full of people and organisations making great things happen here. Why not be one of them?

Andrew Wilson, June 2015

I would like to thank Lalya Gaye, Gill Park, Sharon Shephard and Neil Winterburn, and this year's designers, Vicky Carr, John Newton and Chris Shearston of Textbook Studio, for the parts they've played in shaping the 2015 directory, and the contributors for doing such great stuff in places in England's north.