Welcome To Hannah Directory 2016

Hannah Directory is a yearly print publication, website and launch week of events celebrating the great stuff that people are doing in places in England's north, and asking how even more of it can happen.

It is named after suffragette and rebel Hannah Mitchell, and this is the fourth edition.

Hannah Directory finds great stuff happening in music, business, the arts, new kinds of social organisation, scientific discovery and anything else.

It answers the question "How can even more great stuff happen?" in three ways.

The first is the inspiration that comes from highlighting how much is already happening, and the directory is only one tiny snapshot of everything wonderful that is going on.

The second is by growing connections. Most of the people and organisations in the directory have been recommended by others. Each new link is a pathway along which ideas, trust, and even co-operative activity can be shared.

Third is by doing it ourselves. Together we have all the resources we need to make places in England's north into anything we want them to be.

If you would like to share and champion the directory, please do start doing it in any way that feels right, and you will be very welcome as a part of the 2016 Hannah Directory.

The 2016 directory has been shaped by a network of people including this year's designers, Victoria Simpson and Charlotte Hitchen of Made by Memo; by discussions between Glenn Boulter, Vicky Carr, Ilana Mitchell, John Newton, Gill Park, Chris Shearston, Elaine Speight, Sam Walby and Andrew Wilson; the supporters of the DIY marathon whose contributions covered the printing costs, and the people and organisations in the directory doing such great stuff in places in England's north.