The first edition was part-funded by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Hannah Directory doesn't apply for public funding, and you can read more about how it is paid for each year.

This is the Kickstarter page.

Thank you to all of these people who supported the Kickstarter campaign.

Alan Shepherd, Alan Williams, Alexandra Boyle, Andrew Crawshaw, Andrew Hancock, Ann Light, Anne Baldwin, Annie Watson, Barry Winter, Ben Dalton, Binnie Joshi Barr, Brent Woods, Carl Clayton, Carole Pattison, Catherine Booth, Cathy Hornby, Claire Robinson, Clodagh Miskelly, Constance Fleuriot, Dan Thompson, Dave Foxton, David Povall, Dawn Kershaw, Denise Fahmy, Derek Hales, Diane, Elaine Winter, Emma Finlayson, Erica Packington, Fabienne Chanavat, Giles Lane, Haidee Bell, Harold Offeh, Helen Clapham, Hester Dunlop, Hugh Wilson, Icky Sticky Kids, Imran Ali, Jacqui Pybus, James Littleton, James Roberts, Jane Walton, Jeffrey Henderson, Jen Southern, Jennifer Cronin, Jo Claessens, John Allsopp, Jonathan Bray, Jonathan Todd, Julia Deakin, Lara Devitt, Louise Mycroft, Lynda Battarbee, Magdalen Blanshard, Martin Curry, Matt Edgar, McSpuddles, Michael Czerkas, Michael Moore, Neil Foster, Neil Swannick, Orta Therox, Paul Driver, Paul Salveson, Peter Davidson, Peter Swidrak, Richard Daly, Richard England, Richard Garside, Richard Walker, Rob Walker, Robert Andrew Vant, Rod Sutcliffe, Romily Meredith, Rosemary, S. Y. Ho, samwise_camus, Sara Teresa, Sarah Taylor, Shannon Spanhake, Sharon Shephard, Shay Moradi, Simon Mackie, Simon Watts, Sioned-Mair Richards, Stephanie Driver, Steve Dearden, Stuart Murray, The Poetry Business, Theresa McDonagh, Tim Green, Tom Simpson, Vicky Seddon, Vikki Smith, William Roger Calvert.

You can buy limited edition artworks to support this year's costs. Thank you!