Be inspired and support Hannah Directory!

Join some of the best artists, makers and writers in England's north for a fantastic afternoon of inspiration that combines all sorts of great stuff from traditional embroidery with electronics to ancient Inca digital databases and the poetry of chance.

Come along to Access Space in Sheffield on Saturday June 17th, learn unique new skills, celebrate the launch of the 2017 Hannah Directory and give your support to help with the printing and distribution costs all at the same time.

Each year the cost of printing Hannah Directory and distributing it by hand to places in the north from Barrow to Sheffield and from Newcastle to Liverpool costs around £1200 altogether.

Each year we raise the money in a new way.

This year artists and makers from Sheffield are giving a day of craft, technology and writing workshops to help with the costs.

Even if you can't make it to a workshop you can still support Hannah Directory, and here are the three reasons why the directory is paid for in this way.

A group of young women in hand decorated hats and sunglasses after a Girl Gang Sheffield event in a nightclub-style environment.

Inspiration notebooks

Charly Calpin

Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG

Join Charly Calpin of Girl Gang Sheffield to make your own inspiration notebooks. Collograph, stamp and stitch your cover, then fill the pages with prompts, collages, different pattern, textures and colours. Then pop them in a pocket or bag for when you need to crush the creative block!.

Make and take home 4 A6 or 2 A5 mini inspiration notebooks.

Image of an embroidery pattern with an LED light stiched into it.

Embroidery and Electronic Textiles

Toni Buckby

Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG

Join artist Toni Buckby for an introductory workshop in embroidery and electronic textiles.

Learn how to stitch simple 'soft circuits' and incorporate them into your piece using traditional hand embroidery techniques.

All materials will be provided and you are welcome to take your piece with you to finish at home.

'Poetry by Accident'

Suzannah Evans, The Poetry Business

Access Space, 3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG

In this workshop, suitable for writers of all levels of experience, we will explore a range of playful techniques to create poems by chance and accident, whether it be with a roll of the dice or words drawn out of a hat. Come along and let fate write you a masterpiece...

With Sheffield writer Suzannah Evans.

Image of The Writing Squad at The Poetry Business.

Quipu image - a semi circle of lengths of knotted wool on a black background, looking a bit like an upside-down sunrise.

Coding in Knots

Alex McLean

AS Labs, 14-16 Fitzalan Square, Sheffield S1 2AZ

Quipu ( is an ancient form of database used during the Inca empire. It works by storing numbers and other information in the form of knots, in order to store and communicate information, although much of the original meaning has been lost and remains undeciphered.

Inspired by this ancient technology, we will work out how to store messages by tying simple knots in wool. Some wool (100% cotton) will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. No prior experience in textiles or digital technology required. (Note that this workshop will be a couple of hours of knotting string together and will not involve computers. Please only sign up if this sounds like fun to you!)